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Here you will find information made available via the recent court decision on the investigation into the Barren County Jail by an independent investigator.

Jail Video From July 16 2013 Fiscal Court


A note from Chris:

"To deny the citizens of Barren County access to this information after the court agreed to provide it to the media is despicable. We magistrates paid $3,500 tax dollars for the information. It is money well-spent, and the citizens deserve easy access to the information they paid to get. For the judge to deny them easy and free access is just a further attempt on her part to continue the cover-up that she perpetuated, and it must be exposed for exactly what it is.

I am proud to provide the information with the social media of Facebook and Twitter. The citizens can view it at their sole discretion. Or, if the citizens prefer, they can decline to view it. It is free choice, but I encourage everyone to take a look and a listen. They will see exactly what kind of jail we have, and they can join with me as we try only to improve our community by open and honest government."

Nothing has been edited into or out of to change the contents to presume anyone('s) innocent or guilt.

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E-mail can be sent but may not be answered to the following address2 :

Facebook:  information.barrenjailinfo

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Audio Files

The following audio files have been converted in their entirety from an Apple CoreAudio Format (.caf) to MPEG-4 Audio Layer (.m4a) to MPEG-1 (.mp3) to be able for you to listen without having to do any file conversion. Normally Windows computers will not play some of these files without additional software. Nothing has been edited in or out in any form, just the conversion to a format that most everyone can listen.

If you are having problems listening to the audio online, you may wish to download them to your computer and then use Media Player or other audio program. If you find a file that is not playing correctly, please use the email links above so I may check into it.

Filenames are listed as they were originally, "Interview of <name> <date> <time>"

SHA-1 Cryptographic hastag to ensure you are getting the file that was uploaded. Use something like Winhasher to compare. If you have someone claiming to have downloaded a file from this site and the hash is different, it has been compromised.

1)   Attempted interview of Matt Mutter 020912 430 pm.mp3          SHA-1    1d8b914c0b4c7d9b8376191db7793a9a743f86b5
2    Barren County May 1 2012 5-11-58 PM.mp3                             SHA-1     2e21a1f1e9164cdbadeb49b0f00d21657a3c1c6b
3)   Feb 23 2012 4-08-02 PM.mp3  (Interview Of Rick Wood)        SHA-1     b521ec309cdf80e59759e203063f64fc82b14b7d
4)   Interview of Becky Phillips 041912 410 pm.mp3                        SHA-1     912eb970ff955c82f97684e36d8e24456488980d
5)   Interview of Craig Kincaid 022012 1250 pm.mp3                      SHA-1     70935309c9e8b7188914065eccef066197ee07e3
6)   Interview of Debra Deckard 030612 530 pm.mp3                     SHA-1     0c3cfb10e3213c5cf620323e02c462093b2f3fb5
7)   Interview of Donald E. Gray 031912 535 pm.mp3                      SHA-1     7a646a4425b7329cfb3b1a9bc936fe52f438922d
8)   Interview of Donald E. Gray 032912 955 am.mp3                      SHA-1    d03af9f1b83c19d85f40977fff7afce07cda5241
9)   Interview of Holly Owen 022112 1100 am.mp3                           SHA-1    9769f25892fc1f7076281e126a7d0adf8509acf0
10)   Interview of James Tracy 022912 1130 am.mp3                      SHA-1    0505e678019f2b2a9fb578d2cb5c76557a1e8251
11)   Interview of Janice Davidson 022312 1000 am.mp3               SHA-1    8d7c490fb20ceaf81d8ca74a508972636599d29a
12)   Interview of Lisa Votaw 030512 501 pm.mp3                           SHA-1    117862b9c4907666ba2d8f21cb6665ceb2c2dd10
13)   Interview of Michelle Honeycutt 022012 140 pm .mp3             SHA-1    3b125e8122118e94ace1acf5110afd390444de20
14)   Interview of Panquetta Lyons 021712 100 pm.mp3                 SHA-1    466179e51e6fa560931284a5c4a3a187a7a4ba2c
15)   Interview of Roger Gentry 022012 100 pm.mp3                       SHA-1    0451b7268e4b332cbe1fb33e383f7b8eb3bee610
16)   Interview of Sarah Frederick 030612 1100 am .mp3              SHA-1     3775782d0f70a107d254e1b5c682d4c46ae6ec83
17)   Interview of Shane Davidson 032912 1230 pm.mp3               SHA-1    841be63f438d2dfb507a67efb53b46cd163fcd47 
18)   Interview of Sharon Houchins 022012 300 pm.mp3                SHA-1    b93cb679ad2be7cbe59dd4e80b9f5fb7f1c8cc64 
19)   Interview of Theresa White 032912 150 pm.mp3                    SHA-1    92a0a2b3baf95045930a963546cf0e6fc52aa290 
20)   Interview of Theresa White 040912 1055 am.mp3                  SHA-1    552a85be930291b4404fd37dd8b9d2ecb5669c70
21)   Part 1 Interview of Larry Eaton 030112 1107 am.mp3            SHA-1   0b298b7a8479050495442d2b626e112b444dbd26
22)   Part 2 Interview of Larry Eaton 030112 118 am.mp3              SHA-1   e2f50fd97578be5b2f77035f6a304c592b4ab4e5



Interview Documents

Other documents are in the Microsoft Word format converted to HTML so they will be viewable online.

Filenames are listed as they were originally, "Interview of <name>"

1) Interview Of Rick Wood
2) Interview of Craig Kincaid
3) Interview of Debra Deckard
4) Interview of Holly Owen
5) Interview of James Tracy
6) Interview of Janice Davidson
7) Interview of Lisa Votaw
8) Interview of Michelle Honeycutt
9) Interview of Panquetta Lyons
10) Interview of Roger Gentry
11) Interview of Sarah Frederick
12) Interview of Sharon Houchins
13) Interview of Larry Eaton

PDF Documents

Documents below are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf) and a reader for this formation will be required. There may be stamps, signatures and other images that will not convert to a text based format therefore they have been left alone and posted as received.

Click on the links below to open in an applicable PDF reader plug-in that will allow you to view these files in your web browser.

Right click and select to open in a new tab, new window or to save the target to your computer.

Barren County Subpoena.pdf                                  SHA-1     292250b8d2e02499b01c23a8ea9eafb21435734f
Contract.pdf                                                               SHA-1     9da1a43f6430fa8ab31a00622e872264f65eb1a1
Federal subpoena Barren County Case.pdf          SHA-1    bdd5f8eb89ac718cf95dc521aa4549bc19d512eb
Jail-Policy revised 6-13-2011.pdf                           SHA-1    b818e7ca2194eec308085699f682dc55e6846d4c


To my knowledge this is all of the documents and recordings. Nothing has been intentionally left out. If something was left out it was overlooked due to the number of files and conversions (from Apple Pages to Microft Word and from Apple CoreAudio Format to MPEG4 (.m4a) to MPEG1 (.mp3).

Revisions MAY occur.



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